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Who Can Join


Any native of Embu County or any person interested in the development of Embu County, who has tertiary qualifications in any recognized professional discipline and engaged in some professional or business occupation within or outside Embu County, subject to approval by the committee and payment of an entrance fee.

Joining Instructions


Admission of new members is by peer recommendation.New members are then added to ECPDA Whatsapp group.Once added to the Whatsapp group, new members will introduce themselves by stating the following : 

  • Full Name
  • Area of origin/dwelling in Embu County
  • Qualifications and/or any ongoing studies
  • Current and previous engagements
  • Any other special interests
  • Any professional or state honours you may possess


The introduction helps us to know one another and even do intra-group networking socially and in our routine professional businesses.

It is also used by officials to capture one's professional skills and experience for inclusion in our skills database. 

On admission into ECPDA, every professional is expected to pay a registration fee of Ksh5000.

A subscription fee of Ksh 5000 will be payable in subsequent years.

Payment should be made directly to the  group Bank Account with details as below:-

  • A/C Name: Embu County Professionals  Development Association
  • Bank: Equity
  • Branch : Harambee Avenue
  • A/c No: 0810278462469 
  • Mpesa Paybill No for the account: 247247


Once you make payment,  kindly send deposit acknowledgement message to Treasurer, Ms Pauline Njoki,Mobile no. 0714693922 and copy Assistant  Treasurer, Dickmoline Mugushu  Mobile no: 0722815255.


NB : Professionals who haven't yet made the payment are urged to do so at an early moment.

Association Leadership Structure


The office bearers of the Association are: -

  1. The Chairman
  2. The Vice Chairman
  3. The Secretary
  4. The Assistant Secretary
  5. The Treasurer
  6. The Assistant Treasurer
  7. Organizing Secretary
  8. Executive Committee Members
    1. Manyatta Zone
    2. Runyenjes Zone
    3. Mbeere North Zone
    4. Mbeere South Zone
  9. ECPDA works through standing committees, and they shall be created as and when the need arises. Currently the following committees exist.
    1. Partnerships
    2. Bonding
    3. Multi-sectoral Clinics
    4. Motivation and Mentorship
    5. Resource mobilization
  10. Motivation and Mentorship- Zonal coordinators
    1. Manyatta Zone
    2. Runyenjes Zone
    3. Mbeere North Zone
    4. Mbeere South Zone

Elections are held annually by end of the month of July.The elections aim at promoting professional, generational, regional and gender diversity.



The Embu County Professionals Development Association (ECPDA) is a political and non-profit making association that was established on 21st July 2018 in a meeting held at the University of Embu.It was subsequently registerd under the Societies Act.The Association was formed with the aim of bringing professionals from Embu County together and to mobilize them to use their skills and experience to give back to their community and collectively.Embu County is home to a diverse mix of professionals from the region whose capacity and competencies can be continously tapped to help the county and its people.