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What We Do

ACTION PLAN 2021-2025

S/No. Strategic  Objective  Person(s) Responsible Timeframe Resources Required Potential Barriers Key Indicators
1. Increase membership by 20% every year Executive June 2021 Airtime Member resistance 200+registered /paid up members
2. Resource Mobilization for ECPDA activities Resource Mobilization Commitee and Treasurer By 31st Dcember of every year
  • Airtime
  • Travel Costs
  • Venue/Meals
Time Constraints on members Resources Raised
3. Establishing and sustaining partnerships  
  • Convener
  • Executive Committee
Quarterly Meetings
  • Travel Costs
  • Airtime
  • Internet costs
  • Time
  • Commitment of members
  • Implementation Report  
  • Number of partnerships
4. Establish and update register of members  Secretary 31 December each year
  • Airtime 
  • Internet
  • Updated Register
  • Database shared with relevant persons
5. Organize bonding sessions  

Convener Bonding

  • Meals for guests
  • Miscellaneous costs
Member apathy No. of bonding sessions held


Organize multi-sectoral clinics

Convener multi-sectoral clinic Annually
  • Tents/Tables/Chairs
  •  Meals
  •  Drugs/reagents
  • Honoraria for health workers
Funding Multi-sectoral clinic held
7. Organize motivational sessions primary and secondary schools  Convener Motivation and Mentoring  Twice per year
  • Travel costs 
  • Airtime 
  • Meals
  • None anticipated
  • Member’s mobilization
2 Motivational sessions annually


Hold education sessions in FM Radio stations, TV and other forums on topical issues

Organizing Secretary working with Subcommittee Conveners Monthly
  • Travel costs 
  • Airtime


No. of sessions
9. Respond to topical national and County issues Chairman 6 every year
  • Travel costs 
  • Airtime 
  • Meals/Venue
Member apathy No of papers
10. Establish and update the ECPDA Website Organizing Secretary June 2021
  • Hosting Fees 
  • Annual License
  • Time 
  • Content from members
ECPDA website
11. Prepare and share an annual ECPDA newsletter Organizing Secretary Annually
  • Airtime 
  • Meals/
  • Venue 
  • Travel costs 
  • Printing costs
  • Time 
  • Content
Annual Newsletter
12. Hold annual General Meeting and file all relevant returns Executive Annually
  • Airtime 
  • Meals/
  • Venue 
  • Travel costs
  • Time  
  • Member apathy
Timely AGM and statutory returns


Members will finance the Secretariat and AGM activities through the Annual subscription fees. The other activities will be financed through resource mobilization from well-wishers, donors, institutions and both the national and county governments. A Resource Mobilization committee has been set up at ECPDA. This committee will work closely with the Executive to link with potential donors.

Click here to download the financial requirement projection for the 5 years.


The Embu County Professionals Development Association (ECPDA) is a political and non-profit making association that was established on 21st July 2018 in a meeting held at the University of Embu.It was subsequently registerd under the Societies Act.The Association was formed with the aim of bringing professionals from Embu County together and to mobilize them to use their skills and experience to give back to their community and collectively.Embu County is home to a diverse mix of professionals from the region whose capacity and competencies can be continously tapped to help the county and its people.